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The Nuff Sisters

Co-Owners of HireHeelsYYC

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Nada Nuff

Nada Nuff is Calgary's Broadway diva! She has been stomping stages across southern Alberta and lower BC for over 7 years. At a Nada Nuff show you can expect to see comedy, glamour and a heavy dose of sass. Nada is also the co-owner of HireHeelsYYC, during the pandemic HireHeelsYYC was able to get a handful of local performers back performing - but this time on the streets. Makeup and the transformation of drag is the reason Nada Nuff does drag. She wants to share her passion for the art form across this beautiful country, and eventually worldwide. If you would like to follow Nada Nuff's journey, you can find her on almost every social media platform at @Nada_Nuff_.


Farrah Nuff

Calgary’s hardest working Diva, Recently performing in LA’s Iconique during Rupaul’s Dragcon, and Across western Canada. Farrah is the dancing diva, co-owner of HireHeels Inc and the matriarch of the Legendary Nuff family. She’s an experience and she is here to entertain. Training as a professional dancer since the age of 8, Farrah brings magic to her performance style. Working on her Bachelor of Education at The University of Calgary, She has hopes and dreams of bringing her love and attention to detail into the her teaching of Drama and Dance in schools for the rest of her life. Hoping to enrich and changes peoples lives forever her motto is

" Be who you needed growing up"

Be sure to follow her on all her platforms

@Farrah_Nuff_ : Insta, TikTok, Twitch.

The Talent: The Talent

Tana Nuff

Tana has been performing since she was 11 with 13 musicals and 10 years of makeup artistry under her belt you can rest easy knowing Tana will turn the party and keep you laughing all while looking stunning. Weather you want musicals, pure pop or anything in between Tana will do her best to give you an experience you will never forget!

The Talent: The Talent

Nearah Nuff

Nearah Nuff is hot and spicy! She dips, she drops, concrete or turf you are gaurenteed a show from this dancing diva! With a year of competing, performing, and winning, this queen will leave you wanting more. She’ll do just about anything for a $5 tip, including knocking your socks off! One number from her, isn’t near-enough


Misty Meadows-Gurl

What can I say about Misty Meadows-Gurl, A comedy pageant queen, someone who once dated Abraham Lincoln, invented penicillin and frequently lies about her achievements. Realistically Misty is a past Empress , a dancer, a comedian, a lip-sync artist and an occasional impersonator all wrapped in the aesthetic of vintage villain. More notably known as your unfriendly neighbourhood body snatcher, the town vodka aunt and infamously the demon under your bed. Misty has been even able to convince people she is talented and “stolen” the following titles, Two time Entertainer of the Year, Calgary’s Next Drag Superstar, and “least likely to succeed (Yearbook)”. Follow them on instagram, at mistymeadows.gurl to keep up to date on what has recently been reviewed as glorified stupidity.


Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is Calgary's hottest dancing diva! Twirling and dipping her way across the city, this powerhouse performer bends but never breaks, unless it's your heart. So pack a bowl. take a deep drag, and let Tangerine Dream take you on a trip!


Beverly Freebush

Hi y’all my name is Beverly Freebush, and I love to entertain! My style of drag is a combo of looking pretty, dancing looking pretty, and making people laugh... while looking pretty. My inspiration for drag come from Rupaul’s Dragrace and from my amazing drag sisters here in Calgary. I’m looking forward to making your event Xtra fabulous... while looking pretty.


Angelina Starchild

Angelina Starchild is heavily influenced by pop stars and fashion shows. She volunteers in the drag scene around Calgary and she performs anywhere that needs a drag performer! She was a finalist in Alberta's Next Drag Superstar 2019, and won Ms. Pride Queen 2019. You can look her up on every social media channel to see what she's up to next!

Smother Theresa.HEIC

Smother Theresa

Time to give a little in-sight about this Queen. 
Smother Theresa has been working as a drag entertainer for over 10 years.
From gym rat to FISH...Best served on a dish. 
Known for her looks, makeup and mouth watering body-ody-ody.
Influencing others and is always willing to SMOTHER you with love and joy for those who need it most.

Slamda Backdoor.HEIC

Slamda BackDoor

Slamda BackDoor is ready to bring a little pizzazz to your front door!  Working a variety of stages all across Calgary for over 7 years, you can expect to see some sparkle and camp in her numbers. One of Slamda’s specialties is story time with children of all ages, because reading really is FUNdamental! With a book in her hand and some extra sequins in her purse, Slamda is sure to leave you with a smile from ear to ear!

The Talent: The Talent
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