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How did HireHeelsYYC come to be!

HireHeelsYYC is co-owned by Farrah Nuff & Nada Nuff, two best friends and drag queens from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

About 3 years ago Farrah had the idea for the company, to hire out drag queens for corporate events, birthday parties, barbecues much like you can hire party clowns, strippers, and other entertainers. 

Of course, life gets in the way of dream projects all the time, so the company was put on hold. Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and after a month of sulking in isolation after both being laid off, and losing numerous drag bookings, the idea came back up. A friend reached out and asked if we would go and do a drag show on her mothers front lawn for Mothers Day. We decided to market it, and put it out to the general public. After two days of only social media promotion and word of mouth, we were sold out for 2 full days of shows. We hired 12 queens (including us) to travel the city and bring joy to mothers in isolation around the city. 

The demand was so high, we took bookings for birthdays, graduations, ladies night social distanced get togethers, you name it all summer of 2020 long.

For one of the drag shows, you can book 1-3 drag queens (more if you want) and they show up and put on a drag show right in your front yard. 

Our main focus is to spread our joy and passion for drag with our supporters around the city, while also making sure that performers in our community are still making money performing their craft. It's brought a lot of the drag community together during such a dark time. 

We can't tell you the amount of smiles, tears, air hugs we have received. People are craving that human connection and to laugh again, and through HireHeelsYYC we are trying to bring that to as many people as we can.